About the Valley Food Co-op

Board of directors:

Laura Cranson has been a Co-op employee for 30 years!
Photo Courtesy of Alex Riehl

President: Paul Niebel
VicePresident: Dean Swift
Treasurer: Maya ter Kuile-Miller
Secretary: Donna Mabry

Mary Hoffman
Lou Ann Cheslock Skinner


The Valley Food Co-op is a member-owned cooperative whose aim is to provide quality, wholesome food and goods at the lowest practical cost. We strive to make Co-op membership welcoming and accessible to all residents of our diverse community and the surrounding areas. As such, the Valley Food Co-op accepts a variety of forms of payment, including EBT.

The products that the Valley Food Co-op carries—as well as our business practices—reflect the values and needs of our members with a specific emphasis placed on building community, promoting social and economic well-being, and acting in an environmentally sensitive manner.


Without owners and members, the Co-op is simply a good idea. Please visit our Ownership/Membership page to learn how you can become a member.