About the Valley Food Co-op

Board of directors:

Laura Cranson has been a Co-op employee for 30 years!
Photo Courtesy of Alex Riehl

President: Paul Niebel
VicePresident: Dean Swift
Treasurer: Maya ter Kuile-Miller
Secretary: Donna Mabry

Mary Hoffman
Lou Ann Cheslock Skinner


The Valley Food Co-op is a member-owned cooperative whose aim is to provide quality, wholesome food and goods at the lowest practical cost. We strive to make Co-op membership welcoming and accessible to all residents of our diverse community and the surrounding areas. As such, the Valley Food Co-op accepts a variety of forms of payment, including EBT.

The products that the Valley Food Co-op carries—as well as our business practices—reflect the values and needs of our members with a specific emphasis placed on building community, promoting social and economic well-being, and acting in an environmentally sensitive manner.


Without owners and members, the Co-op is simply a good idea. Please visit our Ownership/Membership page to learn how you can become a member.

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Monday-Saturday 9 am - 7 pm Sunday 11 am - 5 pm 719-589-5727

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Kjerstina Keck, MT and Certified Emotion Code and Body Code Practitioner, will be setting up for a limited time at the Valley Food Coop on Thursday afternoons between 1-3 pm beginning May 4th. Stop in to meet her and see how the Emotion Code and Body Code work!
Kjerstina will be doing demos for $10 (one release using the Emotion Code and another using the more advanced Body Code system) so you can experience this new healing modality for yourself. In a nutshell, she uses charts and kinesiology to pinpoint emotional baggage or other negative energy that is ready to be released, then clears it using a magnet down the governing meridian. This work is powerful, non-invasive, and every session is unique.
Interested but have a scheduling conflict? We’d be happy to accommodate you.
Contact Kjerstina at 719-937-6174 or kjerstinakeck@gmail.com
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Picnic season is here! We have a variety of new cups and plates made from renewable plant sources (that are not trees). They are BPA-free, heavy duty, compostable, oil-free, and microwave safe. They're also extremely cost-effective! ... See MoreSee Less

We're now offering a new line of high-potency, fast-acting iron supplements! These are great for facilitating increased oxygen uptake and higher overall energy levels if you happen to be feeling fatigued. Let us know and we'll fill you in on the details! ... See MoreSee Less

Valley Food Co-op at Valley Food Co-op.

🎶"Hot cross buns!
Hot cross buns!
One a penny, two a penny.
Hot cross buns!" Heaven Scent Breads by Kelly West. Hot Cross Buns are here just in time for Easter! 🐰🐣💕 We have three options! Gluten Free - $10.59, Whole Wheat - $8.79, and Spelt - $9.99! 😋#ValleyFoodCoop #Alamosa #HotCrossBuns #Easter #SanLuisValley
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Tomorrow afternoon (Wednesday, April 12th) we'll begin selling Heaven Scent's Handmade Easter Hot Cross Buns in whole wheat, spelt, and gluten free varieties! They're the perfect addition to your Easter Sunday feast! ... See MoreSee Less